Venson Jordan is an internationally recognized author of five books. He has over thirty years of experience in the field of health and wellness.  He received a Doctorate of Natural Healthcare and Regenerative Healing from the School of the Prophets Institute at Jerusalem.

For well over five decades his life has been an interesting range of experiences. He was the head conditioning coach of an international pro basketball program, the Executive Director of the international youth leadership program Youth Visions inc. He is a martial arts instructor, a scuba diving instructor, and emergency first response instructor, an avid squash player and a former racquetball pro.

His publications are:

  • The Centripetal Nature of Truth (Philosophy/Theology),
  • The Timeless Life of Thelonious (Historic fiction)
  • Meta-Morphic (poetry and short stories)
  • Let Meditation Be Your Medicine (health and wellness),
  • The Rebel Marcus Madison, a true-fiction novel that tells the story of contemporary injustice, police brutality and a rebellion that changes the course of freedom for black and brown people in America.

In February 2020, Venson Jordan was ordained as a minister by the Yeshua Messiah Cometh Again Assemblies of Yahweh in Ghana. The African body of believers who bring the Gospel, Meditation and spirituality to a humble way of living.

Venson was born in Washington, DC, he travels often and resides in America with his family.

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