The Rebel Marcus Madison

The Rebel Marcus Madison takes contemporary issues and knits them into a wonderful story. It is a story about fear, about faith, about fairness for Black and Brown people in America and around the world. It is thought provoking, it is entertaining and it stokes the hidden revolutionary in us all.


The Centripetal Nature of Truth

This book is informative, entertaining and sometimes emotional. What is truth? Venson confronts the question head on and the story surrounding the answer draws the reader into every page. The in-depth discussion between characters is reminiscent of Plato’s Republic, and the dialog encourages us to search the things we believe, and consider the things we do not.


The Timeless Life of Thelonious The Monk

The short novels chronicle the fantastic life of the traveler and wise man Thelonious Munkusi. Thelonious is an African man with a genetic defect that slows the process of aging. After his 25th birthday, Thelonious will only age one year every decade. But it never stopped him from living. This story is one of the greatest journeys of all times, an odyssey that spanned the life of a man who lived longer and traveled farther than anyone in recorded history.


Let Meditation Be Your Medicine

Let Meditation Be Your Medicine is a book about what happens when an ordinary person discovers the human mind can heal and strengthen the body, and deflect the ailments associated with aging.



Venson Jordan’s META MORPHIC is a well-rounded experience for anyone who loves the art of creative writing. His work is thought provoking, his words are vibrant; and his topics are ageless and universally relevant. This fascinating book is a collection of beautifully written poetry, prose and short stories that will delight the senses, touch the heart, nourish the mind and soothe the spirit.


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